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Classes Overview
CALL: 425-432-9999 to confirm available space. Thank you

 2015 - 2016 School Year Schedule.  Contact the gym for the most up-to-date info!





Tumble Tots 45 min.

Blue 55 min. Pre Level 1

(Walking to 3 yrs With Parent)

(Age 4 Coed)

Monday: 10:00 am

Monday: 11:00 am

Tuesday: 10:00 am (special m/u days only)

Tuesday: 6:30 pm

Thursday: 10:00 am

Thursday: 11:00am, 12:30pm

Transition Tots 45 min.


(Age 3 Minimal Parent Help)

Trampoline & Tumbling (young) - 55 min.

Monday: 11:00 am

(Age 4 & 5 - Coed)

Tuesday: 11:00 am (special m/u days only)

See below

Thursday: 10:00 am









USAG GIRLS LEVEL 1 (beg) 55 min.


Yellow (age 5 & 6)

Beginning- 55 min

Monday: 12:30 pm, 6:30 pm

Ages 4-6

Tuesday: 5:00 pm

Monday: 10:00am, 4:30pm

Wednesday: 5:00 pm Thursday: 11:00am
Thursday: 10:00am, 5:30pm * 4 yr. olds must have been in a Blue class for a minimum of 3 months and have teacher approval to enter a T&T class.
Purple (age 7, 8, & 9) Ages 4-7

Monday: 6:30 pm

Thursday 4:30pm

Tuesday: 5:00 pm

Ages 5-7

Wednesday: 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 6:00pm

Thursday: 5:30 pm

Ages 5-9

Grey (age 10, 11, 12)

Tuesday: 4:00pm

Monday: 7:00pm (85 min) Ages 5-12
Thursday: 7:00pm (85 min) Friday: 6:00pm
Yellow/Purple Int. Level 1 (age 5-9) (55 min)  Ages 7-10
Monday: 6:00pm

Monday: 5:00pm

Purple/Grey (ages 7-12) Int./Adv. L1 (85m) Age 7+ & Int./Adv.
Monday: 7:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm

Thursday: 7:00pm (+L2)

Ages 8+

  Thursday: 6:30pm, 7:30pm

USAG GIRLS LEVEL 1 (Adv.), 2 & 3 85 min.

Teen & Pre-Teen

Green/Gold Girls - Adv. L1 Tuesday: 7:00pm
Monday: 7:00pm Boys Only
Thursday: 5:30pm Tuesday: 7:00pm

Orange/Ivory Advanced Girls - L3/4

Monday: 7:00pm USAG T&T Int. L1 - L2 (55 min)
Thursday: 5:30pm Tuesday: 4:00pm
  Thursday: 4:30pm

USAG BOYS LEVEL 1 - 55 min.

USAG T&T Adv. L1 - L2 (85 min)

Monday: 12:30pm (4-6yr) (4 yr old - by coach invite only)

Monday: 5:30pm

Tuesday: 11:00pm (yng) (special m/u days only)

Tuesday: 5:00pm
Thursday: 12:30pm (4-6 yr)

USAG T&T L2 to L3+ (85 min)

  Tuesday: 5:00pm (L2/3), 6:30pm


USAG T&T L3+ (85 min)

Thursday: 6:30pm






Our gym trains competitive artistic teams of boys & girls, trampoline & tumbling, and all star cheer.  Students can be invited into team groups by the coaching staff, or progress through the recreational levels and then decide if they would like to join team.

(Ages 6-19) All Levels - 55 min


*All circus students may attend circus 1x or 2x times

per week for the tuition price of 1x/wk ($72.00).  Thanks

to a generous scholarship program, you pay for the first 4

classes in each term & the rest are free of charge.

Remember enrollment is always ongoing all year round.
We look forward to another wonderful year of fitness and fun!
All (*adv) classes must have 3 events tested and  passed
updated 5/10/16